Last week, version 2.1.11 of the Book Review plugin was released. No new functionality was added in this release, but it does include a couple of bug fixes that I wanted to get out as quickly as possible:

  • Fixed an issue with the styling of the Book Info box for custom post types.
  • Fixed an issue processing the Google Books API response when some fields were not present. This manifested as some fields being populated in Book Info, but not all.
  • Added Swedish & Norwegian translation files.

In particular, 2.1.11 improves the reliability of getting book information back from the Google Books API (which is what happens when you press the Get Book Info button). Thanks to kbisland for reporting this in the forum. Thanks also to Harald Indgul for providing the translations.

On Custom Post Types

With regards to custom post types, one of the changes that is likely going to happen sooner rather than later is to add a setting that will let you determine which custom post types to display the Book Info box on. Right now it displays for all custom post types, which is overkill. The default behavior, once it launches, will be not to have the box appear on any custom post type, which means that you will need to opt-in to enable it on the post types that you want.

If you haven’t already, I would recommend that you upgrade now to get the most out of the Book Review plugin. And if you have any feature requests that you’d like to be considered, please let me know in the Feature Requests forum.

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