Welcome to WP Review Plugins – home of the Book Review plugin! Over time, it is my hope that it will also become the home of many other types of review plugins, as well as their premium add-ons.

Although this site launched a few weeks ago with documentation and forums, it is still a work in progress. The next step in its evolution is adding this blog, which will primarily be used for announcing updates to the Book Review plugin and this site, but which will also be used to share the things I discover and learn while working on both.

The next big change coming to WP Review Plugins will be the addition of a store to support the release of Affiliate Linkalizer for Amazon, a premium add-on for the Book Review plugin that will make it even easier to monetize your reviews. Say goodbye to creating Amazon links yourself that include your Associates ID – Affiliate Linkalizer will take care of all of that for you, while also earning you a commission on all of your international traffic!

Think you’d like to take the Book Review plugin for a test drive? Download it now, and be sure to post any questions or feature requests you may have in the forums.

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