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UPDATE: Affiliate Linkalizer for Amazon is no longer a product we offer for sale. Sorry for any inconvenience.

You’ve likely already heard about the Amazon Associates Program, and how it’s one of the best ways to monetize your site. Perhaps you’re already using the Book Review plugin to manually create Amazon affiliate links for all of your reviews. Why then, should you care about Affiliate Linkalizer for Amazon?

The Problem

What you may not be aware of is that signing up to be an Amazon Associate in a particular country will not earn you a commission on purchases made by users residing in other countries.

For example, let’s suppose you sign up as a member of the US Amazon Associates Program, and you create an Amazon buy link that goes to amazon.com. If a user from Canada were to visit your site and click on that link, they will find that they are unable to purchase from amazon.com. Instead, they will be directed to amazon.ca, where your US Amazon Associates ID is not valid. You’ve just lost out on earning a commission from their purchase!

The Workaround

Some people get around this by signing up as Amazon Associates in other countries as well, and creating separate Amazon links for every country. But what if your visitor doesn’t select the right link? And does this mean that you need to spend your time creating multiple Amazon links?

This is where Affiliate Linkalizer for Amazon can make your life much easier.

The Solution

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Affiliate Linkalizer is a premium add-on for the Book Review plugin that enables you to monetize your reviews internationally. The plugin automatically configures and adds a single Amazon buy link to each of your reviews.

Not only that, but it will also detect which country or locale a person is visiting from, and customize the link so that it directs them to the appropriate Amazon site, using the proper Associates ID. Then, should someone click on your buy link and purchase the book, Amazon will give you a commission. No more missing out on purchases made by your international visitors!

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