I’ve gotten a fair number of feature requests for the Book Review plugin since its release, which is truly fantastic. Feature requests help to determine which areas of the plugin to focus on. I thought I would take some time to share with you the requests that are currently up for consideration, and what’s next for the Book Review plugin.

Book Review Plugin

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately writing unit tests for not only the Book Review plugin, but also for the yet to be released Affiliate Linkalizer for Amazon. There are numerous benefits to having automated unit tests, not the least of which is that it makes for a more reliable product. I don’t plan to do another release until all of the unit tests are in place and I can be confident that making a change in one part of the plugin does not break something else in another part of the plugin.

Once the unit tests are complete, I will start work on version 2.1.11, which will be a relatively minor release and tentatively includes:

  • Removing the Release Date Format field.
  • Adding Swedish & Norwegian translations.
  • Bug fixes resulting from unit tests.

With regards to the first change, that means eliminating this field in the Book Review Settings:

Release Date Format
The Release Date Format Field in the Book Review Settings

WordPress already has its own date setting on the Settings > General page, which the plugin will use instead:

WordPress Date Format
The WordPress Date Format field in Settings > General

Affiliate Linkalizer for Amazon

After that, I’m going to shift focus to finalizing the Affiliate Linkalizer for Amazon plugin and getting it ready for release. Part of that work will involve adding a store to WP Review Plugins, as Affiliate Linkalizer is a premium product that will be available for purchase directly from this site. I think you will find that it makes it easier than ever for you to add Amazon affiliate links to your book reviews, with the added benefit of earning global commissions on purchases.

Book Review Roadmap

If you haven’t yet reviewed the Book Review Roadmap, I would encourage you to have a look and vote on your favorite requests. You can also submit your own in the Feature Requests forum.

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