Once the plugin is installed, you will see a Book Info section below the WordPress editor of every post. Fill this out whenever you would like to show more information about a particular book. Note that, at a minimum, Title must be entered in order for the review box to show on the post. Any fields that you leave blank will not appear.

While most of the fields you see in the screen shot below are not configurable and will always be shown in Book Info, the exceptions are the URL fields (except for Cover URL). The appearance of these fields are entirely dependent on whether or not you have added any custom links on the Book Review Settings page.

Screen capture of the Book Info box
Enter the details of a book into the “Book Info” section of a post

Posts for which you have selected a rating will display that rating on the Posts page:

Screen capture of the Posts page in the WordPress admin
Ratings are displayed on the Posts page

Getting the Book Info

If you have created a Google API Key, you will see an ISBN field and a Get Book Info button. Enter an ISBN value and click the button to automatically populate a book’s details. Any fields that already had values before the button was pressed will not be overwritten.

Please note that there are some known limitations:

  • It is possible that a particular ISBN will not be found. This is a limitation of the robustness of the Google Books database and is not indicative of a problem with the WordPress Book Review Plugin.
  • The Series and Format fields will remain blank unless manually entered. Google Books does not return this information as part of its API.
  • The cover images that Google Books provides are rather small. If the size is not appropriate for your site, or if you’d rather not rely on Google to host the covers, you can always upload your own images and use those instead.