On the Links tab, you can choose to display Goodreads and/or Barnes & Noble links in each of your reviews. If that’s not enough, you can also configure an unlimited number of custom links, and have them open in the same tab or in a new one.

Site Links

To add a Goodreads or Barnes & Noble link to your reviews, simply check the appropriate box in the Site Links section. Additional settings will become visible that enable you to choose the type of link to create. Options include a button link, a text link, or a custom image link. If Custom Image is selected, you will be able to choose an image from your media library to use for the link:

Screen capture of the Site Links section of the Book Review Settings
Add Goodreads and Barnes & Noble links to your reviews

Custom Links

You can also add custom links by clicking the Add Link button. Doing so will add a new row to the Custom Links table. At a minimum, you must provide a value for Link Text. If you’d prefer to show links as image buttons, you can optionally specify the URL to an image in the Link Image URL field. If you leave this field blank, the links will be simple text-based links as defined by the Link Text field.

Should you no longer wish to show a particular custom link on any of your posts, just uncheck the Active box. If you change your mind later, you can always set it back to Active and all of your data will still be there:

Screen capture of the Custom Links section on the Links tab of the Book Review Settings
Add your own custom links to your reviews

Book Info

For every site or custom link you add, a new field will be shown in the Book Info section of a post. This is where you can specify the URL to follow when a particular link is clicked:

Screen capture of custom link fields in the Book Info section of a post
Custom link fields in the Book Info section of a post

Links are added to the bottom of the review box:

Screen capture of the review box that is added to a post
Review box that is automatically added to a post