To translate the Book Review plugin into another language, please follow these steps:

  1. Download and install Poedit.
  2. Download the Book Review POT file. This file is also available on your WordPress server in wp-content/plugins/book-review/languages/book-review.pot.
  3. Open book-review.pot in Poedit and select the language that you will be translating the plugin into if prompted.
  4. In order to automatically generate a .mo file when you save your work on the existing .po file, go to Poedit → Preferences and on the General tab check the Automatically compile MO file when saving box:
    Screen capture of the Poedit Preferences dialog
    On the “General” tab check the “Automatically compile MO file when saving” box
  5. In Source text, you should see all of the text in the plugin that needs to be translated. When you click on a line of text, you can provide a translation for it in the Translation field:
    Screen capture of what the book-review.pot file looks like when opened with Poedit
    The book-review.pot file opened in Poedit
  6. Look for the words ‘the‘, ‘a‘, ‘an‘. These are the words that the plugin looks for in the archives. Book titles that start with these words will have them moved to the end of the title in the archives. You can enter in a comma-separated list for each word if necessary.
  7. Go to File → Save As… to save your translation to a .po file. The file naming convention to use is book-review-language_country.po, where language is one of the language codes, and country is one of the country codes. For example, if the translation is in French, the file name would be book-review-fr_FR.po. The correct file name may have already been generated for you if you selected the appropriate language in step 3.
  8. Please email the .mo and .po files to [email protected] and I will include them in the next release of the plugin.