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    My list (by Genre) contains now around 400 entries.

    Can I have a kind of index:
    First a list of all found genres with a link to the genre’s headings
    Every genre’s heading contains an anchor with the same name
    at end of the sub-list is a link to the top.

    This could be an add-on for a premium version.


    The archives definitely need some love, and adding pagination is on the wishlist. Unfortunately we can’t say when we think we would be able to implement this. Higher priority items usually come up.


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    Hi Donna,

    That’s ok!

    We say that appetite comes while you are eating…
    And so when something is good (and you plugin is really good!) this will create ideas and wishes for more…
    Why not a second premium line for a augmented archive list?

    Best wishes!


    Hi Urs,

    I’m not sure I’d want to make that a premium plugin. I think I’d prefer to keep it in the free version. I really appreciate all the suggestions you’ve been posting in here. They’ve definitely given me some food for thought!



    Hi Donna,

    I’ve just been playin’ around with WRP (two hours). It looks VERY promising.

    However, this pagination thing…

    My book collection consist ’bout 3200 items. If I figured it out right, there’s now only one way to show them: one L-O-N-G listing. If that is, the only reasonable way is to leave the cover pics out, just to relieve the load, especially concerning mobiles. 🙁

    Would you confirm this, as it’s crucial. One list, only chance?

    # J

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